Connect with Los Cabos

At Amy Abbott Events, we believe in giving back. There is a strong need for help and assistance in our beautiful Los Cabos community. Consider sharing the following charities with your guests in lieu of favors or to become more involved in the Los Cabos community.

Contact any of these organizations for a visit, or to donate to their valuable causes.

Casa Hogar

Casa Hogar provides a safe haven and place of growth for Los Cabos boys. Their mission is to elevate and educate young boys in need, teaching by example and helping to shape productive citizens through sustenance, leadership and life skills. Casa Hogar provides active care and personal well-being for as many children as their building will accommodate.


Liga MAC

Liga MAC is a non-profit organization made up of Mexican, American and Canadian members. Their motto, mano con mano (“hand in hand”), encapsulates their commitment to helping low-income families and individuals in crisis by providing basic needs, medical assistance and educational support.


Los Cabos Humane Society

The Los Cabos Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of domestic animals through education, pet population control, rescue and adoption. Their goal? To help individual animals and the community at large by creating an environment free of homeless and distressed cats and dogs.

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