There’s an ever-so-enchanting place with a boho-chic twist in San Jose del Cabo. It’s captured the hearts of many brides & grooms of late. Acre began as farmland with a restaurant. Now it’s expanded to become the epicenter of ‘cool’ in Los Cabos.

The Magical Stillness Of Acre

There’s a feeling of presence and stillness at Acre. Especially when you wander through the grounds. The 25-acre property is enveloped with towering palm trees that beckon for you to come relax with them. Meander through the uber-chic dining area, cocktail lounge, tranquil pool area and you’ll find yourself in what feels like a magical place of calm.

The Mango Grove

Acre has a venue space known as the Mango Grove, where lights can be strung overhead and the handmade tile flooring leaves you mesmerized. Unless there’s an event happening while you’re there, you can literally hear a pin drop.

Rooftop Terrace Anyone?

For those who want a view for their big day, their roof-top terrace provides a 360 view of a palm forest and an oasis of mountains.

Fun & Games For All

In addition to these two event spaces, Acre has a games area where guests can enjoy a friendly ping-pong match or bocce ball showdown. More recently, a miniature petting zoo takes a permanent place on-site along with an animal rescue shelter.

Big City Inspiration

For the foodies amongst us who appreciate great gastronomy alongside equally great service, it’s refreshing to find that big city mentality here in Los Cabos. Naturally, this is a venue suited to people accustomed to excellence in service and overall experience.

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