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    Designing the Perfect Wedding Inspiration Board for your Cabo Wedding

    Wedding Inspiration Boards are so much fun, especially when you’re dreaming up a Cabo wedding! Creating a custom wedding inspiration board hardly feels like work. In fact, it’s an incredibly creative and fun way to collect all your thoughts and desires and see them come to life in one visual space. A wedding inspiration board is hands-down one of the most integral parts of your wedding day.

    What Is A Wedding Inspiration Board?

    A wedding inspiration board is a personalized design space made by a wedding planner for the couple based on in-depth phone calls, photos, emails, and brainstorming ideas that take place over a period of time between the two parties. The board is mainly derived from a constant flow of photos between the couple and the planning team.

    Using online design platforms like Canva or Picmonkey, the planning process for a destination wedding is just as accessible and easy as a local event. Our planners can mold the imagery sent to them over time. All our clients have to do is sit back and see their ideas come to life.

    We love to explore the different points of view our clients share with us. When we combine their inspiration with our on-site knowledge, we can tailor the couple’s ideas and unique style, which all translates into a meaningful budget. A detailed vision board aids in the creation of a wonderful event and unforgettable day.

    The Magical Touch of a Wedding Planner

    Wedding planners have an innate sixth sense for the types of aesthetic that will work in a venue or not. It’s our ability to curate these magical experiences while honoring our bride & grooms’ ideas that make events truly come to life! Getting my couples involved as early as possible in the ideation process can make a huge difference to the outcome of the style of the wedding.

    wedding Inspiration Board ideas

    Personally, I am an avid admirer of interior design magazines and have developed a flair, understanding, and passion for all things design. I can spend hours admiring Kelly Wearstler’s work photos, anything from AD Magazine and I love nothing more than gleaning inspiration from the little nooks and corners of beautiful San Jose Del Cabo. My inspirations for wedding and event design are all around me and that is what moves me to create the perfect day!

    Throughout these initial dream-up design stages, our mutual trust strengthens, allowing the bride to let-go of the mental responsibility of the actual event and focus on herself instead. Making your vision shine through with just the right décor, florals and design is imperative to the signature vibe of your celebrations.

    The Beginning Stages

    My wedding inspiration board process begins with asking the couple for some favorite photos of past weddings they have loved in addition to looks or color palettes. I take their feedback and use it to create a private Pinterest Board.

    The devil is in the details when it comes to weddings. Therefore I make it a point to ask the couple to specify which parts they like in each photo. For example, if they share a photo of a table set up with a colorful floral centerpiece I need to know if it is the color tone that catches their attention, the vase of the seasonal flowers, or perhaps the actual flower arrangements or the table design.

    Blog Inspiration Board

    The Wedding Venue

    Our process is made that much easier if the couple has already chosen their Cabo wedding venue. Harnessing existing knowledge of their preferred venue gives me a clear vision of what the events’ creative capacity will allow.

    FYI, if the couple has decided on one or a combination of our favorite venues: Flora Farms, Acre, The Cape, Chileno Bay Resorts & Residences, Esperanza, or One & Only Palmilla, etc. our creative minds start to get excited because we already know that the sky is the limit when it comes to designing your dream Cabo wedding day!

    Finding the Inspiration

    Inspiration for your wedding board is everywhere you turn!  Pinterest, Instagram, and vacation photos are fabulous tools for finding new trends and pallet colors. Equally as important as sharing what you love is disclosing what you don’t love. If there’s a wedding trend you’ve noticed that makes you cringe, please tell us, so we know your preferences!

    Using inspiration from fashion, interior design, travel destinations, and from your everyday life is also essential for creating a cohesive vision board that personifies you and your fiancé’s essence and style. Your wedding inspiration board is all about you as a couple, so it’s important that we nail the details perfectly

    Blog Inspiration Board

    When Plans Come to Life

    The second part of the wedding planning process is when my role as a creative curator begins.  Together, we’ll select 4-5 main pictures from your private Pinterest board or personal photos. Then we try to focus on what components from each image tell the story/mood of your wedding day.

    This collection may represent how the wedding Arch will look, the reception table design and designation, the menu and seating chart style, or your color combinations. The ultimate goal being a condensed collection of imagery that genuinely showcases the vision of the bride and groom.

    Create Your Vision With Images

    They say that an image is worth a thousand words. Inspiration boards are a great creative tool to convey a client’s mental imaging. Visuals communicate things that words cannot when trying to translate design concepts. What one person calls “edgy” another might see as chaotic. What one person calls “elegant” another might see as old-fashioned. It’s important that clients trust and communicate with us. This allows us to advocate on their behalf and manifest their vision for their special day.

    Having a wedding Inspiration Board eradicates what we like to call ‘blank-canvas syndrome.’ It also means that a bride and groom won’t have a gnawing feeling that that are wasting time on a concept they might not like. And perhaps best of all, collaborating on a wedding inspiration board means that there are no big surprises during the most important day of your life.

    Even if you’re not necessarily a creative person I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for inspiration. There’s no right or wrong way to get inspired, so just enjoy the dream-up stage. In your free time, create a Pinterest board with your most-loved photos including colors, textures, or flowers. I’ll use these initial inspiration points as a way of getting inside your hearts and heads. Together we’ll create your very own version of perfect for your wedding day.

    Less frustration and more fun!!!

    Gaby CurielXoxo,
    Gaby Curiel

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