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    Wedding Planner Versus Onsite Wedding Venue Coordinator

    What’s the difference between hiring a wedding planner instead of using the onsite wedding venue coordinator?

    True story…. It was my last wedding of 2020. Everything was going great; the bride was beaming, and her bridesmaids perfectly lined up in a row. When out of nowhere, the groom suddenly approaches me and utters a potentially terrifying statement, ‘I have something to confess.’ 

    Ready for anything, (after all I am an event planner ;-)), I ask him ‘What’s going on?’ After a subtle pause, he said, ‘In the beginning, I really thought it was a waste of money to hire a wedding planner. I knew we already had a kick-ass onsite venue wedding coordinator, but I look at my wife’s smile and think of all you have done for us and I gotta say, I was so wrong!’

    What’s The Difference Between A Wedding Planner & Onsite Venue Coordinator

    Many brides and grooms have asked us the same question, so let me share with you my experience, having worked both as an in-house planner and as an outside planner and explain the differences and the values of both.

    I had the opportunity to work in hotels for a long time before becoming a part of Amy Abbott Events. My job was onsite wedding venue coordinator, working side by side with many amazing wedding planners. I can now safely tell you, there’s a huge difference between the two positions and you don’t necessarily have to choose between one or the other. In fact, having both individuals working on your celebrations can be a major collaborative benefit.

    Planners Have Scope

    The main difference between wedding planners and onsite wedding venue coordinators, in my opinion, is scope. As an onsite wedding venue coordinator, you’re in charge of selling the venue and coordinate every happening, including onsite room reservations. You’re the ‘go to’ person at the venue for everything and anything the bride and groom and their guests may need. But the moment they ask you for something outside the venue, you don’t have the leeway to go the extra mile for them. And I’ll be the first to tell you that the full weekend wedding experience entails countless details aside from the main event and its venue.

    Wedding Planners Are Advocates 

    As a wedding planner, I am first and foremost an advocate for my happy couple. We have a stronger bond with the bride and groom, because I want to make sure their dreams become a reality for their special day. The fun part is getting to know each couple, their personal style and finding options for curating the event to their specifications. 

    Wedding planners are by the couple’s side, step-by-step through the entire planning process, turning their wedding vision board into amazing moments and life-long memories. Flowers, place settings, music, food, stationary, even taking care of little things that are not part of the original plan. We’re in charge of the big picture logistics and looking after all the details from beginning to end. We are fiercely devoted to our clients.


    Unlimited Access To The Perfect Vendors

    Another important thing to mention is the vendors that each person chooses to work with.  Generally, a venue has a preferred vendor list that they provide to the couple. This list can include everyone from photographers to florists. However, that list will only have a limited number of vendors and not necessary include the ones that are the fit best for you.

    As wedding planners, we maintain relationships with a multitude of vendors and make it a point to match couples with vendors that meet their style and budget. We go the extra mile to find the perfect photographer that will take the right pictures for our couples or the right band for them to dance the entire night.

    Laser Focused On You

    During the actual wedding day, we also have different roles. An onsite wedding coordinator focuses on the performance of the venue. Depending on the venue, this can mean juggling multiple weddings on the same day. Wedding planners make sure to follow the wedding timeline we have worked on with our bride and grooms during the planning process to the letter. 

    We ensure that the vendors arrive on time and that they execute the expectations of our clients making sure the design looks as planned. Wedding planners attend to last-minute changes or requests but most importantly we focus on you and on making sure you enjoy one of the most important days of your life.

    In conclusion, I would say that having a wedding venue onsite coordinator is super helpful. They are the liaison with the venue at which the wedding is taking place and a great addition to your wedding day, as they understand the ins and outs of the venue itself. However, in the perfect world having both would be ideal. So, my best advice would be this: you should only be in charge of having the best time of your life. With us working together as a team with the hotel planner, we’ll handle everything else!

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